Error sending group invitation

I have the same problem. Can't add members to my group and get this message : "Error sending invitation to "xxxxxx"". Anyone know a solution?
  • This was split from the original discussion you posted to because this is not the same error those users were seeing.

    Were you sending to a username or email address? Were you inviting multiple users?
  • edited December 5, 2023
    I used the user name and only that invitation.
  • Is there anything unusual about the user name? This is certainly not a general problem people are seeing and I can't reproduce it. You can of course also invite them with an email or directly from their profile page.

    The most likely cause of this would be a mistake in entering the username (or about what their username is). Note that the name displayed on their profile would not be their username if they have added a different name to their profile.
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