Zotero 7 Beta: Table of Contents Not Showing in Reader

Windows 11--Office 365--Z7.52

I've been trying to get the left-pane TOC to show in a PDF I'm viewing in the Zotero Reader. It wasn't showing, so I tested creating a PDF from a bare-bones document, so I wouldn't have trash or corruption. I created a document with Heading 1 and Heading 2 styles and some normal text in between and a normal looking outline in the Navigation pane. Then I saved it as a PDF and pulled it into Zotero.

In the Reader, the TOC button in the left pane continues to be grayed out.

Here's the Word document:

Here's the PDF:

Here's what I'm seeing in the Reader:
  • The PDFs are being made on my PC by Swifdoo. I just tried making the PDF with Calibre and it worked as it should.
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