Zotero 7: move library to a different computer

edited December 3, 2023
I want to move my library to a new computer, using Option B from here: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/transferring_a_library

I have installed Zotero from scratch on a new machine, copied over the Zotero Data Folder as well as the Linked Attachement Directory (which is synced via OneDrive).

I did this multiple times to make sure the Zotero data directory is copied over before Zotero is first opened.

Yet, the library remains empty.

I suppose this should still work also in Zotero 7?
  • On your new computer, when you go to Edit\Preferences\Advanced\Files & Folders\Data Directory Location and click on the Show Data Directory button, does it open the location to which you copied your Data Directory ?

    What is the size of the zotero.sqlite file there, and does it match the size of the file you copied across in your data folder, and also its size on your previous computer ? Also, when you look at the total size of the folder hierarchy under that location, does it match your previous computer's ?

    If they don't match, note the instruction: "Be sure to close Zotero on both machines before copying the Zotero files. If you've already opened Zotero on the new computer, there will already be a Zotero data folder with an empty database, and you should delete the whole data folder before copying the new folder to the same location. "

    BTW the Linked Attachment Base Directory setting tells Zotero where to look for linked attachments. But from what you said you are not seeing any items at all in your library in the main pane, correct ? (if so, Zotero's ability to find the location of attachments will not have been been tested yet).
  • Many thanks ! Show Data Directory opened to a different directory.
    Now its working.

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