Zotero 7: Different item types when using arXiv ID vs. DOI

Consider the below article:


I noticed that if use the DOI https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2009.09460 with the magic wand (Add Item(s) by Identifier), the resulting entry is a Journal Article.

However, if I use the arXiv ID arXiv:2009.09460, the result is a preprint. I believe that this is more accurate.

Are these differences expected?

This is with using 7.0.0-beta.51+7c5600913.
  • Not expected no, but the data sources are different: ArXiv vs. Datacite (the DOI registration agency that ArXiv uses). They do have Preprint in the metadata there, too, but it's based on a fairly recent update of their metadata schema that we don't account for yet. Most organizations registering preprints use CrossRef for DOIs
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