Best Item Type for Presidential Memoranda?

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out the best way to add a Presidential Memorandum to my Zotero Catalog.

A recent example might be M-23-22 Delivering a Digital-First Public Experience
(, which (perhaps not surprisingly) also exists as a web-version at .

I'm leaning towards storing the above example as a 'Document' item type (and not as a 'Web Page'), so that it is consistent alongside other PDFs in my Zotero library such as M-15-14 'Management and Oversight of Federal Information Technology' ( which don't have corresponding web-versions easily accessible.

I'm thinking that I can have the Title for the above item in Zotero be 'M-23-22 Delivering a Digital-First Public Experience', but unsure who should be listed as Author or Publisher.

I'm also thinking that Item Type 'Report' might be suitable since I could capture the M-YY-NN memorandum number (ie Memo-Year-Number), which seems to be the way a lot of other documents cite these memoranda?

I'd appreciate any advice in adding these to my library.
  • Use Report, put the document number in the Number field, SHALANDA D. YOUNG as the author, and Office of Management and Budget as the publisher
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