Synching iPad air with MacBook pro

I have never been able to synch zotero on iPad air with zotero on MacBook pro 2012 in spite of logging in to my account on both. What's the deal? Is it just not possible in the Zotero universe?

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    I'm not sure what "never been able to synch zotero" means, but see Changes Not Syncing.
  • Looked at your link but none of that seems to apply. Simply put, additions to a folder on one machine does not appear on the other machine. And never has regardless of logging in to Zotero. Maybe there is a simple solution but doesn’t instil a lot of confidence in the program.
  • If you want our help, you'll need to follow the steps we provide. That page ends with a request for specific information that we'd need to help you further.

    But are you saying that you don't see your library on the iPad at all, or that only certain changes aren't syncing?
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