iOS, could not connect to WebDAV server

Debug ID: D1415376151

I got this error when I connect WebDAV server using my iPad and iPhone
There was no problem until one month ago, but suddenly, I couldn’t connect to the WebDAV server and cannot update the related files, too

I set “https” and checked the port forwarding too and I also can connect webdav server using other application without any problem.

iOS version:
iPad: 17.1.1
iPhone: 17.1.1

Please help me :(
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    The request timed out
    An OPTIONS request is timing out. That's all we can tell you. This isn't a problem in the app itself.
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    But, what do you mean "OPTIONS"? Could you tell me how to fix this issue...?

    When I try to connect server using desktop with “http” setting, it works.
    But, when I try to connect server using iOS with “http” setting, I got error and
    debug ID: D1078480236

  • OPTIONS is a type of HTTP request, like GET or POST.

    As for http://, you have to use HTTPS for non-local addresses on iOS due to iOS security restrictions.

    I'm afraid we can't help further with this. The app will work with a correct HTTPS WebDAV configuration.
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