Constantly Freezing on Mac

I am using Zotero 6.0.30 on a newer MacBook Air. As of recently, I can't scroll through any of my papers without it constantly freezing for a couple seconds and giving me the Mac spinning pinwheel. Also occurs when switching papers. It then just totally froze as my computer says Zotero is taking up 19 GB of application memory. Most of the papers I am reading are only about 20 pages and this happens with and without images in the paper. No idea if this is a genuine memory problem from my computer (and what to do about that) or if something is wrong with my application. It has the papers for my classes and thesis saved so I really don't want to lose them. Thanks!
  • any add-ons installed? First thing would be to try if this happens with all 3rd party add-ons disabled
  • I've been using the application. Would the website version freeze less?
  • There are add-ons for the application. I was asking if you have any installed (I don't think what you're seeing is normal in the app, no)
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