Error syncing with local WebDav since upgrade to 7.0.0-beta51

Both in Windows and Linux I get the following error when syncin with a local webDav
Tested it with beta 50, it worked then upgraded to beta 51 and I get:

[JavaScript Error: "str is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/utilities/utilities.js" line: 669}]

ReportID: 616258786 Windows
ReportID: 654385662 Linux

  • Can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a Verify Server attempt that fails?
  • Actually, no real need — we'll fix the error display, but you're getting some sort of security/certificate error with your WebDAV server, likely due to a self-signed certificate or custom root certificate. See Incomplete Cert Chain for details. (If you provide a Debug ID we could tell you a little more, but it's something you'll need to fix.)

    This shouldn't actually be new in 51. I suspect you'd see the same if you went back to 50.
  • Hello, thanks for the quick reply.
    This is a debugid D1603723183

    The weird thing was that I had the issue on windows, went to my linux machine which was not updated, the sync worked. Then I updated, and the sync does not work.
    If you say it's an issue with the self signed cert i know at least where to look :-)
    Thanks, hope I can solve it on my own :-D
  • PS: How could I revert to beta 50 to test? i searched for an archived installer, but could not find older builds...
  • Beta 50 Windows ZIP:

    (Also note that you're still using a 32-bit build. You should switch to the 64-bit build.)
  • @andrei_p was it an issue with the self-signed certificate? I have the same error
  • @J.Hijmans - yes, it was. I tried to use a self hosted CA (to use it in my home network to have a backup of the zotero cloud hosted), but it seems not to work as easy as I thought.
    I gave up for now :)

    Sorry I cannot help you more
  • @andrei_p thank for replying. I'll also wait for now as I benefit more from reading papers than trying to sync them in a better way :') Hope someone will find a fix to test the Android application with webDAV once that becomes available.
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