Unable to access PDF on web library

Following this guideline: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/files_not_syncing

I arrive at step 5 and still do not have files synced online.

Debug ID:


Link to online library showing that I cannot open PDF: https://www.zotero.org/erinice/collections/KVUJ6QAX/items/7Q82GALT/attachment/4633LZKS/collection
  • Try restarting Zotero, it should help.
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    [Merged from new thread — D.S.]

    I have a group library set up with PDFs attached to entries. I still have storage space left and my files in my main library sync fine to the online library. But in the group library, none of the PDFs have synced.

    I've confirmed that in Preferences the group library is selected to sync automatically. I've also tried closing Zotero and re-syncing.

    Any advice on next steps?
  • Check the file settings of the group by clicking on "Manage Library" on https://www.zotero.org/groups
    it might be set to not have group file storage. You're the group's owner?
  • Yes, I'm the owner.

    In the manage library tab, file editing is set to "any group member".
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    @erinice: I've merged this with your original thread. Creating new threads just makes it harder for us to help you.

    If you're still having trouble, we'll need another Debug ID after following the Files Not Syncing steps. Be sure to follow the Debug ID instructions carefully — while your previous Debug ID showed an error, it didn't show an actual sync attempt as requested in the instructions.
  • Thank you for combining these threads. To clarify, following the above instructions did allow me to sync the items in my library to view PDFs online. But it did not resolve the problem with the group library.

    Here is the debug ID after following the instructions from files not syncing up until Reset File Sync History step.

    Here is the debug ID: D1816376064
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    If the file isn't online, this is the step you need to follow:
    5. If Device A is a computer, the file hasn't been uploaded correctly, and syncing completes without a sync error, go to the Sync → Reset pane of the Zotero preferences on Computer A and select Reset File Sync History for the library in question. (Do not use any other options in the Reset pane.) Resetting file sync history shouldn't be necessary under normal usage, but it will cause Zotero to check every attachment to make sure that it has been uploaded to the server. If the file becomes available online, continue to the next step. If not, generate a Debug ID for the first sync after performing Reset File Sync History, followed by a successful opening of the file locally, and post it to the Zotero Forums. For Zotero Storage, include the URL from the web library where you're not able to access the file.
  • I had completed that step above. I have just completed it again. Here is the debug id


    And here is a link to the online library where I cannot access the file
  • Please read the step very carefully — we really do need every part of it in order to help you. You've now provided the URL to the item in the web library, but neither of the Debug IDs shows a successful opening of the file locally. The item you linked to has two child attachments for the same file, and your debug output doesn't show you opening either.
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    Also make sure you're doing Reset File Sync History on the correct library before generating the Debug ID. I'm not seeing any indication of that for the library you linked to.
  • Thank you, D. I have found my error--I was not resetting the file sync history with the correct library. I apologize for not being a careful reader, but promise I was trying my best.
  • So this is working now?
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