Inconsistent in-text citation format with multi-author references

Please advise why Zotero put the in-text citation at length for the first one and in a simple form for the second in this case:

Abccsdfs (Fujiwara, Sakuma, Ohba, Nishi, Lee, Watanabe, Kousa, Yoshida, Fukaya, Yajima, Amano, Kureta, Ishii, Uchida, & Shinka, 2009; Murayama et al., 2015).

Both references are cited for the first time. Both have multiple authors.
How can I put both in a simple form "Author et al. (YYYY)?
  • Are you sure that the authors are properly separated in the Zotero record for your first reference?
  • I'd guess this is disambiguation -- do you have another Fujiwara et al citation in the document?
  • Thank you for your reponses.
    I finally found out that I cited the same article from the two different group libraries. Once I removed the citation from one library, everything is al right.
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