Zotero 7 Beta: Include annotations in the Select Area image

At the moment, I can make a Select Area, and then take that image to a note by drag and drop. But it only takes a snapshot of the empty PDF file without any annotation.
I would like to be able to make ink annotations to a figure, select that figure with the Select Area, and move the annotated image to the note to discuss it.

One possible way to do this would be to group the drawing and the Select Area together, so that the inking is "pinned" onto that Select Area. This would make the annotation more strongly connected to the Select Area, and more flexible on what to include in the image.

Or an option to include all the annotations when copying the Select Area, like a key modifier for the drag and drop. This would be a bit easier to do, but less flexible on what to include and easier to break by moving or deleting the annotations.
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    @mjthoraval A workaround would be using any other pdf editor supporting inking annotation (edge, pdf annotator, xodo pdf, drawboard pdf.. etc) to open the file and add inking annotations to it.

    This way these inking marks will appear automatically on the pdf pages (but not as inking annotations on the left side). You can then choose what you need to capture as inking annotations or not (alongside any texts or images) by using "select area" in Zotero.

    All your suggestions and having better inking annotations within Zotero itself (with options to add or hide these annotations by type on the left pane, combine them, group them with images or show/hide them in select area, .. etc..) would be great and easier for work flow.

    But again, it is a great bonus that Zotero does not lock the pdf for editing in its viewer as this provides many potentials. Currently the same pdf can be opened and edited -as long as there is no contradictory edits- simultaneously in Zotero and external pdf editor for inking and it will be updated in zotero once you duplicate the tab or reopen the pdf).
  • Yes, indeed, inkings made in an external PDF editor can be catured by the Select Area image, but not the highlights. And there is no way to exchange inkings between Zotero and the external PDF editor, so if you want to make different annotations for different snapshots, you need to navigate to the external PDF editor, move the annotations around in that PDF and then back to Zotero...
    The additional work invovled is actually too much for what it is.

    I was more interested in understanding whether this is something that is planned by Zotero, considering the nice new annotation functionalities in Zotero 7.
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