Changing language / Citing a french law

Hi !

I’m having a bit of a problem, because I am a french student working on my master’s thesis, and I’m trying to add a couple of french laws into my bibliography. The pickle is as follow : my Zotero app (on iPad, if it changes things !) is in english, as is my whole device, and it doesn’t seem like it allows me to add a law in a way that would fit the format of french laws (I tried the « Bill » default setting, but it doesn’t fit).

I have to add these by hand because they’re from paper copies I transcribed into my documents, and so I am wondering : should I change the language of the app (and if so, how ?), is there a default form for adding references that I didn’t find,…

Thank you very much in advance, and wishing you a great end of your day.
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