Copying between collections produces unclear behaviour


Small issue, but whenever I copy an item from collection A to collection B by clicking and dragging, Zotero appears to decide effectively at random whether the central panel should remain in collection A or change to showing collection B. I'm not clear on what cue I'm providing to the program to decide, and would appreciate a clear guide on how the program decides which is the "correct" view after copying and dragging!
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    What OS and pointing device? Can you provide a Debug ID for a drag where this happens?
  • Apologies - it's Mac (Ventura 13.4.1). Pointing device is the inbuilt trackpad in a 2020 Macbook Air.

    Debug ID: D894287684
  • Are you able to trigger it if you disable "Force Click and haptic feedback" and/or "Tap to click" in the system Trackpad settings?
  • Disabling both of those has fixed the problem, thank you!

    (For future viewers, both had to be disabled to fix it)
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    Are you sure about that? Can you test again to see if one or the other makes a difference?

    And to be clear, this is just a debugging step and isn't meant as a fix. Those settings are both useful, and you shouldn't have to disable either. I have both enabled and can't reproduce this.
  • I observe that issue with either enabled - I need both turned off to prevent it from occurring (i.e. click and drag without opening the second collection).
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    That doesn't make a ton of sense, though — they're separate features. The "Force Click" setting controls whether it registers a second level of clicking when you press hard on the trackpad, and "Tap to click" controls whether a single light tap anywhere on the trackpad registers as a click. It's possible you're accidentally triggering an extra click with either, but I think it would have to be different actions — the former by pressing in too hard while hovering over the collection, and the latter by releasing the drag and then tapping again. I think you'll need to do some experimentation to try to figure out what exactly you're doing and how it relates to each feature being enabled. I still can't reproduce this with either of those actions (and we previously fixed a bug where Force Click could cause this during a drag).

    You should also make sure this still occurs will all third-party plugins disabled, and with single-item drags instead of many-item drags.
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