Attached stored copy of file - prompt to open downloads folder?

Using Zotero on Windows, when attaching stored copies of files (typically from webpages rather than library databases), I have to 'Attach stored copy' and navigate each time to the Downloads folder (or open File Explorer and drag and drop, although I find that more finicky). On my Mac, I have Zotfile installed so it gives me the option to 'Attach new file', but given Zotfile is no longer being actively maintained and all its other functionality has largely been replaced by Zotero, I'm wondering if there's a way to set Zotero to open the Downloads folder as the default folder?

It's obviously a reasonably minor inconvenience, but could be just that I'm missing something.
  • edited November 22, 2023
    Why are you manually adding PDFs from your Downloads folder in the first place? You should make sure your browser is set to preview PDFs in the browser (so they appear at http:// or https:// URLs), and then you can just click the Save to Zotero button to save the PDF directly to Zotero.
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