Google Documents to Wordpress

Hi, How do I take an article I have written in Google Docs, using Zotero links to references, and upload it into my Wordpress site as a blog? Is it as simple as copy and paste? Or do I need to upload it in a different way? At the moment my google docs article/blog has the references listed at the bottom of each page, like footnotes. But I obviously don't want it to look like this when in Wordpress, I want the references listed at the end of the article when it is published. Is there something I have to do separately to change the format to look like this, or does this happen automatically when moving the article to wordpress? Hope this makes sense! Thanks
  • You'd have to experiment a bit, but what I'd do is to make a copy of the google doc, unlink zotero citations, download the Google doc as HTML and then either insert the HTML as source or open it in a browser and paste it to WordPress.
    If you have any images, those might be tricky either way.
  • Thanks! I think I might have worked it out - there is a wordpress plugin called Zotpress that connects to Zotero. So I have downloaded that, just need to work out how to use it now!
  • Right, that will work for writing directly in Wordpress. It won't help you convert something you've already written in GoogleDocs, though.
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