Line breaks in item field "libraryCatalog" in Zotero 7 beta


I work in a scientific library where we use a Zotero group library as a tool for acquisitions. We import bibliographic data via Zotero API. The book items contain information about local library holdings inside the field "libraryCatalog". Depending on the number of holdings, the string can be quite long. In Zotero 6.0.30, this displays nicely (although the Zotero client ignores the explicit line breaks ("\n") inside the text). Here is an example:

Bibliothek: ZB Zürich, Standort: 2.UG
(frei zugänglich), Signatur: noch keine Signatur,
Verfügbarkeit: unavailable
2023-11-17 Bestand UZB

The client automatically breaks the text so that the whole content of the field is visible. In Zotero 7.0.0-beta.51+7c5600913, this behaviour has changed: Sometimes (but not always) the client displays the whole content of "libraryCatalog" in one line, omitting anything beyond the width of the width of the item window. For instance, from the above content, I can only see "Bibliothek: ZB Zürich, Standor...".

Is this expected behaviour?
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