Can saved searches be moved into collections?

One can move a collection into another collection as a subcollection by simple drag and drop. While saved searches behave like collections in other respects, it seems that they can not be dragged and dropped into other collections. Is that by design or a bug?
  • Neither really. It's a feature that's been requested a bunch and I think is planned, but hasn't been implemented. Obviously saved searches can't behave exactly like collections -- you can't really drag one into another one, e.g., -- so it's a completely separate implementation
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    As a workaround, you can create a collection (with the search keywords) and drag and drop saved search results (from the middle items pane) to this collection. But it is only a collection of results at this specific time (not a dynamic search collection) and you will need to update it when you add new related sources.
  • Thank you very much for your answers.
    Regarding dragging one search into another one: I had not thought about that until you mentioned it, but it would make sense for that to mean creating a new search that combines the parent search with the child search via an AND operation. If there is a discussion of this drag and drop for saved searches somewhere, I could make this suggestion there.
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