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Zotero shows in word doc tab, but I cannot use citation, bibliography or refresh selections - nothing.
I have uninstalled, reinstall, registered, sync, update and restart my computer to no avail. I have watched YouTube first to use Zotero and my friend also sent me a demo of them using Zotero and I cannot get it to work. My laptop is fairly new 1.5 years old. Windows 11 HP private laptop. Can you please help?
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    Hello @angela.b.pyne
    I am just a fellow user but I would suggest you can try the following solutions:
    1-1st solution: close MsWord, open zotero desktop, from top bar: choose "edit" , "settings", then: select "cite", scroll down and select "Reinstall Microsoft word Add-in"

    Try to open word again and Zotero word plugin should work in most cases

    2- 2nd solution: if the previous solution did not work, try to install the zipped version of Zotero 7 beta (just unzip it and double click the zotero icon without installation)
    (Choose: Windows 64-bit ZIP (recommended for temporary usage)

    Try to use zotero in word again. If it does not work, try the the 1st solution from within the opened instance of Zotero 7 beta

    3- 3rd solution: If the above methods do not work, try to install libreoffice and reopen zotero and try to see if zotero works there

    You can find more detailed other suggestions and steps by searching the forum directly or googling zotero and MSWord.

    Hope any of these helps.
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