sync Error: 690324261

sync of file fails each time, and syncing aborted half way through.

I have also noticed that at work syncing always seems to involve around 72-75 files, regardless of how much has changed, but at home only a number reflecting the number of changes made to the database. Is there a setting I need to consider in this respect?

thanks Grant
  • What's the error?
  • Seems that when my home copy of Zotero changed the file name to the <author><title>.pdf format it used the long dash that was in the title 'Trusts – What every family lawyer should know' (although for this post the browser has converted the dash to a standard one). Whilst this worked in my home environment, it failed in my work environment and stalled the sync feature at about 45 of 72 files.

    My problem seems to be fixed by changing the file name. Maybe you can look at the code that creates the file name from the author title to strip any characters like long dashes etc - although I can see that may be hard with the program being multilingual and in multiple environments.

    thanks for your quick response though.
  • On what OS did you use the renaming function for this file?
  • I used Win XP at home to rename it with the long dash. Work also uses Win XP, so not sure what the difference is to make it fail, although work has tough firewalls. I had to get a hole put in the firwall to use Zotero at work - even with that the system stops the update xpi file from downloading properly (cuts it off after about 1mb). A zip option for the xpi would be handy, but I may be the only one with the unusual xpi problem (i fix it by copying the xpi onto a usb stick at home, so the work around is not too bad).

    regards Grant
  • Let us know if you get this again in 2.0rc4. It may have been due to a bug in the earlier version.
    A zip option for the xpi would be handy
    An XPI is just a ZIP file with a different extension.
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