An issue with the inability to double-click to open a PDF.

My zotro cannot open the corresponding PDF file by double-clicking on a saved item. It will prompt to use computer software to open it, such as Adobe Acrobat DC, but it cannot be opened. When I open the folder where the file is located, I will find that it is a file without an extension.
Before that, I also had problems saving my paper entries on CNKI. However, after some attempts, I managed to make it work properly. However, the new problem I am facing now is that the saved entries cannot be opened.
  • This is on Windows?

    What do you mean by "it cannot be opened"? What exactly happened?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for trying to open a file?

    How did you save the files? They would normally be saved with a .pdf extension by Zotero.
  • yes,I saved the entry in the browser. It appears in the software. When you double-click it, it will display an error and the gameplay will open. There is only one file in the local folder under this entry, but it does not have an extension and cannot be opened using regular double clicking to use it.
  • Where exactly did you save from, and can you reproduce this saving again from the same location? If so, can you provide the exact URL?

    Note that if this involved a plugin, you'll need to ask the plugin developer for help.

    You also didn't provide a Debug ID.
  • I can save entries multiple times from CNKI, but there is always no PDF available. -THxpw_ 2N_ 1mpF8_- 1GFqwLPaRVq_ Ey6rF Ayvxk1fL9T5HmuAkuIGLRf0xHi6RsCSUPDv kumMwTcSD5lUsbNGP4ECPbXK6hCi5i2wllssIe4Q=&uniplatform=NZKPT&language=CHS
  • I don’t know how that relates to the problem we were discussing.

    If you can’t tell us how to reproduce this, we’re not going to be able to debug it.
  • Okay, but I don't know how to reproduce this problem. Perhaps it's because of Chinese. I clicked Save on the link page above, and there was a situation where I couldn't retrieve the PDF.
  • Do you mean this debugging ID?
  • D1939895559
  • I don't know what you're reporting at this point, but that last Debug ID includes an error from a plugin. You should start by disabling all plugins if you're having trouble with something in Zotero.
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