Problem with the order day, month, year in the "Date" field in the browser version


according to the German setting in the Zotero app on the Mac, I have the order day, month, year in the date field.
It also says "d m y" in the browser on the right. However, if an entry is exported from there (either creation of a biography list or entry in Wordpress using Zotpress), this order is interpreted in American. This means that a newspaper that was actually published on June 5 will appear as being from May 6.
The sequence is already displayed incorrectly in the "Date" column in the browser.
Can I change this or is it a program error?
Thanks in advance!

  • We have some plans to improve this, but I'm afraid at the moment for ambiguous dates the best you can do is edit the field to use an unambiguous date format like YYYY-MM-DD. Note that most Zotero translators already save in that format, and the web library auto-converts to that, but this could be an issue if you're entering dates manually in the desktop app.
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