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I'm trying to get my citations correct for a final revision of paper in the Annual Review of Sociology Journal (ARS). They use a modified version of Harvard (Cite Them Right) citations, but require sources to be separated by a comma, not a semi-colon. How do I make this change by editing a style file? (Yes, there is a designated ARS citation style. No, it does not separate sources with a comma).

For reference, here is the style guide: Assets/AuthorHandbook-Harvard-1582569075420.pdf

Here are the possible style files to modify:


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    Where do you see this? I'm seeing
    "Similar results were obtained in
    yeast (Johnson et al. 2015; Liu
    2003, 2004, 2008; Robinson et al.
    2009; Wilson 1999) and flies...
    ...(Moorehouse 2006; J.S. Smith,
    unpublished information)"
    which has semicolons except for multiple works by the same author(s) in the same citation.
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