Trouble getting custom citation style to remain in Zotero

Hi, I've created a custom Zotero citation style format (.csl) file that works as I want it to. But I'm having the problem of Zotero not remembering that style across sessions. What I mean is that when I go into the Zotero Style Manager and click the "+" button to add my custom .csl file from my local computer, I can add my citation style and see it appear as an option in the Style Manager. I can use it in Zotero or in Word documents (via the Zotero plugin).

However, when I close Zotero or Word and reopen that program later, my style no longer appears in the Zotero Style Manager, and Word acts like it isn't there. I have to manually re-add it to the Style Manager and then re-select it for my Word document.

I've got a workaround, but it's wasting time having to re-add my style. Any idea why Zotero isn't remembering my custom citation style?
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