Support for Apple Vision Pro?

edited November 18, 2023
Are there any plans for Zotero to support Apple Vision Pro / visionOS?

The Apple Vision Pro could be used like a very large external display. So by Zotero support, I mean simply the ability to browse and read papers from my Zotero library on the device. Also, the ability to add annotations with the supported hand gestures would be nice, just like one currently does with the iPad and Apple Pencil.
  • has anyone tried using the standard Zotero app we'd use on IPAD and open journals in a browser? Does Zotero see the information in the browser if using Apple Vision Pro?
  • I'd also be curious to hear if anyone has tried the Zotero iPad app on the Vision Pro. Please share your experience.
  • I’m using the iPad version of Zotero on Vision Pro, and it works great. I can even use the share function to get docs from Safari into Zotero. The only real anomaly so far is text selection for highlighting in the PDF reader - the VP text grab handles lag and seem to stutter, but still workable.
  • @archfung: That's great. Thanks for letting us know.
  • @archfung That's awesome. So PDF reading is nice already!

    Would be nice to also have nice annotation (highlighting, but also scribbles) support on the Vision Pro.
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