Is Zotero 7 still expected to come out in 2023?

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> Zotero 7, which will be released in 2023, includes a major internal upgrade (...)

Is it still expected that Zotero 7 will be released in 2023?

I understand these things are hard to predict (it comes out when it comes out). But I'm just asking in case there is a reasonable expectation / plan that developers have.
  • The Zotero developers rarely (if at all) communicate about release dates, as they don't want to cause such expectations among users... :-)
    The current test version for Zotero 7 is beta 51, so my guess is that it is becoming fairly stable. But it might be released in 2 weeks just as easily as it could take until next March, or longer.
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    In my personal experience, the beta is stable and ideal. However, I don't use some of the incompatible plug-ins that some users find almost essential. Also, there are several new features that continue to be adjusted towards perfection. To me, Zotero 7 beta is beautiful. I don't _require_ perfection in the new features and the overall improvements above Z-6 are appreciated.

    edit: It is my hope that some of the global editing features of the incompatible Zutillo will eventually become built in features of Zotero.
  • Is there a way to get notified of Zotero 7 release? Like a mailing list or something like that
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    I believe Zotero 6 stable version will be automatically updated to Zotero 7 official release (or at least it will notify you that there's a new update) when it comes out of beta. My Zotero 5 was automatically updated to Zotero 6 when it came out.
  • Alright. Looking forward to it!
  • One can use any of the following RSS feeds to follow Zotero release notes (which should notify you when Zotero 7 is released)
  • checking update everyday
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