Opening Snapshots from the Web Library

In the Web Library, if I double click on an tiem which only has a Snapshot attachment, it opens in another tab of the browser.
But if I click on the Snapshot attachment in the right pane, it only shows a Download option, no Open button like for the PDF file.
This means that I cannot open a Snapshot if it is not the main attachment to an item.
  • What happens if you pressDownload? Doesn't it open a snapshot in a new tab?
  • Yes, indeed, the Download button actually opens the snapshot.
    I was expecting to get also an option to download the HTML file, same as for the PDF file. Would it be possible to keep both buttons?
    If that is on purpose, would it be more clear to call that button Open, as it seems to be what it is doing?
  • Yeah, it's not ideal. We will try to improve it in a future version of web library.
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