Uploaded data not well-formed

Hi to all,

If I try to sync I get the mentioned error. The error occurs after adding two items to the database.

Report ID: 1249197889

Using firefox 3.0.6 on linux debian lenny with zotero 2.0rc2

Any Idea?

Thank you
  • At least one of the filenames contains an invalid character. I've just added a more helpful error message for this in the latest dev build, and the new message will be included in the next release.

    In the meantime, rename the files to remove the invalid characters, relink them in Zotero (if you rename them via the OS rather than through Zotero itself), and sync again.
  • Hi Dan,
    thanks for your quick answer. Like any time really great support from zotero.
    I found it out in the meantime. The problem was a file with a filename containing something like a em dash - which was visible as an space. I don't know exactly, how it happened. I used the "rename filename from parent metadatat" but I can't reproduce it again.
    Anyway, thanks a lot.
  • Yeah, it shouldn't be possible to create files with invalid characters anymore, but it was in the past.
  • Wouldn't it better to convert in any case special characters like spaces, german umlaute and so on in "_" "ae" ... ? It would be safer during syncing between operating systems and so on.
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