Advanced search for multiple "any" returns no results

I have been having some trouble with zotero's advanced search. It doesn't really seem to listen much to the query. If I put for example

Match any of the following:
Title > Contains > plastic
Title > Contains > mTOR
Title > Contains > BDNF

Nothing is returned. Yet, if I do only:

Match any of the following
Title > Contains > plastic

It returns dozens of results.

Other times it'll put out countless irrelevant results that do not contain the query, which is equally as strange.

Yes, I have ensured that I selected "Match ANY of the following."
  • Zotero 6 or 7 beta?
  • I'm not seeing any problems with "any" + three Title "contains" conditions in Zotero 6 or 7.
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    "I'm not seeing any problems with "any" + three Title "contains" conditions in Zotero 6 or 7."

    Well that's good for you I guess? I'm not sure what your point is other than vaguely suggesting it's probably my fault...

    I've found zotero's advanced search finnicky like this for as long as I can remember. It doesn't always behave like this, but it seems to be broken like this pretty often.

    Zotero 6.0.30

    Happy to help troubleshoot because I'm surely not the only one facing this issue (knowingly or unknowingly).
  • Well that's good for you I guess? I'm not sure what your point is other than vaguely suggesting it's probably my fault...
    The first step of troubleshooting software is to establish whether something is generally broken or broken for a particular user/setup -- doesn't have anything to do with 'fault'. If developers were seeing the same you do (as for dstillman, this works fine for me), they'd be able to take it from here and fix.

    Best I can tell, you're either the only one or one of very few people reporting this issue, so we'd want to narrow down when this happens more:
    - What operating system? (and if you're on linux, what distro and how did you install Zotero)
    - Can you replicate this with all add-ons (except the word processor add-ons shipped with Zotero) disabled?
    - How large is your Zotero library (total number of items)
    - Does this happen reliably with the search above or only sometimes?
    - Does this happen regardless of the search terms or only with specific searches?

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    I can reproduce this issue after adding and deleting several search results (Zotero 7 beta 51 on Windows 10).
    In some cases, the - button on the right of the search line is not responding, even though there are still multiple search conditions. [I am not sure how to reproduce that one.]
    Report ID: 1859587970

    The problem reported here looks similar to this issue (see there for detailed steps to reproduce):

    @jeapordy: If you think that the issue you observe is different, please provide the information asked by adamsmith so that it can be reproduced reliably by others.
  • FWIW, I cannot reproduce either of the issues reported in that github issue in the 7 beta on Windows, so yes, more details would be helpful.
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    Advanced Search -> Any

    1) Title -> contains -> Moisture in Textiles (use any title of an item in your library so that it returns one result)
    --> At this stage, I have only one result.

    2) + on the right to add a search condition
    Keep empty and press Enter
    --> At this stage, I understand that it returns the whole library

    3) - on the right of the first search condition to delete it
    + on the right of the empty search condition to add it again
    Title -> contains -> Moisture in Textiles (same title as in the first search to be sure of the expected result, but any title also works)
    --> At this stage, I only get one result, which is the item "Moisture in Textiles"

    Between steps 2 & 3, I have only switched the two search conditions, so the result should have been the same (the whole library).
    You can probably get more fancy behaviour doing a similar process for more search conditions, but from the issue on GituHub, it seems that they have already identified the problem, with a PR in the pipes.

    I can reproduce with Zotero 6.0.30 on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS (VM for testing) with a fresh library containing a single item and all plugins disabled to answer the other questions.
  • Simple steps to reproduce the unresponsive -. It is just a sequence of pressing the - and + on the right side of the first search condition line.
    1) Repeat 3 times this sequence: + + -
    2) Try to delete all the search conditions.
    --> At the end, I am left with two search conditions that I cannot delete.

    The problem triggered by this combo probably has the same origin as the one above, but I just put it here in case there is anything useful.
  • Actually, it looks like this is a known issue — as @mjthoraval says, it happens specifically when you add/remove conditions. We're working on a fix. Thanks for the debugging.
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