specify export file encoding in Translate object

I'm not really a programmer but have been looking at the source code for LyZ (http://www.klubko.net/?page_id=945&lang=cs-cz), and the way in which it obtains the BibTeX file from within Zotero.

LyZ instantiates the translator object and sets it to BibTeX:
var translation = new Zotero.Translate("export");

And then iterates the selected items, calling translation.translate().

Is there a method that will set the translator object file encoding? This can be done from Zotero itself if you activate that option in Preferences: Export: Display character encoding on export. I've found that using non-unicode (utf8) encodings causes Zotero to 'escape' non-ascii characters (eg, degree symbol, umlauts, etc) in standard LaTeX code. Being able to do this programatically would solve a problem I have with such characters not being recognised properly in LyX.

Of course I might have misunderstood how this works...

And I'm asking just to understand: full credit and copyright of LyZ belong to Petr Šimon!
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