importing from Paperpile -- how to reattach pdf attachments?

I'm migrating from Paperpile, which stores all of its attachments (pdfs) on Google Drive. As far as I can tell, there's no official documentation about how to do this. I've downloaded all of the attachments from GD, and they're organized by /All files/[first letter of author's last name].

I've also exported all of the references from PP in RIS format, and the RIS file links to the attachments in this way:

L1 - All Papers/H/Hampton 2022 - Cheerfulness A Literary and Cultural History (Timothy Hampton).pdf

How can I have Zotero relink all of the attachments to the references?

I just tried the Zotero Folder Import add-on, which imported all of the pdfs -- but without associating them with any of the references.

  • Try what happens if you place the RIS file into the folder that contains the All Papers folder and then import. That might just work, or it can be made to work with a simple search & replace in the RIS file
  • Thanks. There was some work to be done on the attachment titles to get them to match properly.

    This leads me to the following consideration: when the match between the L1 field in an RIS file and an attachment fails, Zotero doesn't display a list of errors, so there's no way of knowing there's a major problem or just a few misses. It would be extremely helpful if there were such a list of errors.
  • With python 3 and the rispy library installed, this should do the job:

    import rispy
    import sys
    import os

    for ris in sys.argv[1:]:
    with open(ris) as f:
    for entry in rispy.load(f):
    for k, v in entry.items():
    if k.startswith('file_attachments'):
    if not os.path.exists(v):
    print(ris, 'missing', v)
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