Advanced Search: Can't search on collections

I'm using the latest version of Zotero 2.0rc2.

When I use advance search, and choose "collections" "is not" I can't enter a collection name. There is nothing in the drop down box, and I can't type in the name.

I wonder what I'm doing wrong ... as I'm sure this used to work.
  • Works for me. Operating system and Firefox version? Running any other Firefox extensions?
  • OS: Windows XP SP/3
    Firefox 3.5.7 with lots of addons:
    Adblock plus
    British English dictionary
    Delicious bookmarks
    Down them all
    Evernote Web Clipper
    Flash got
    Google gears
    Java Quick Start
    .NET framework assistant
    S3 Firefox organizer
    Sears Analytics for Zotero

    I'll quickly upgrade to FF 3.6 and see what happens.
  • edited February 1, 2010
    Also, this may be an odd question, but does the library in question have collections? As opposed to saved searches? They're treated separately now in the advanced search dialog.
  • Just to be sure, do you in fact have collections? In RC1, saved searches were moved to a separate "Saved Search" search condition.
  • Doh! So it was me all along. Thanks Dan (as always for a speedy response and solution).
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