Question about issue with synch having two stations on one computer

edited November 6, 2023
Please bear with me. I have two stations on one machine. I want to use the same Zotero on both. As it is now, the directory is the same, but it seems I have two copies of the software (the apps do not apply to both, only to the one I install them). I want to move the synch from Dropbox to Google Drive. But for Google Drive I need a unique station letter and Windows only let me have one for the computer, so taking K on station A, I am not able to choose it on station B, therefore I am not able to send articles for synch from both stations. I tried using only one Zotero copy (same shortcut for both stations), but still there will be two different copies (different apps on each). Not sure if all that made sense. But what I want is this:

To be able to use Zotero on both stations. If I install an app in Zotero in one station, it will be in the other (identical Zotero).
Thank you for any help!
  • This really sounds like a Google Drive issue to me? To rephrase your question, you are asking if/how you can access a GDrive folder from different accounts on the same computer, which is a fine question, but has nothing to do with Zotero
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