[Possibly a] bug: Add/Edit Citation keeps the text in the search box after selecting the item

edited November 5, 2023
The piece of text you see remaining in the search box is after selecting the items to be added as the citations. I copy and paste the title of the article I want to add and while I can find and add the item, the text doesn't get removed as you would expect:


There are a lot of moving parts:

1. I've noticed this happens when I edit an already added citation filed (not sure right now if it happens in other situation)

2. I am on Microsoft Word for mac version 16.78.3

3. I am on macOS Sonoma version 14.1 (Intel)

4. The files are saved on OneDrive (haven't seen the local drive because I haven't tried)

5. I am on Zotero 6.0.30

6. I've been seeing this behavior for a few months but didn't have time to report. I might not be able to do the bug reporting feature in Zotero as I'm in the middle of another project and cannot really spend more time on this.

I hope other users help with this.
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