Zotero 7: Read-only annotation after resume from suspend

edited November 5, 2023
I woke up my laptop from suspend, and a couple minutes later began to annotate a PDF in Zotero. I created an area annotation, and attempted to add a comment to it. However, the annotation says "Read-only", and the bottom of the Zotero window contains a red notification with the text

"Error: ''annotation' not loaded for item (6223/1/4FUWBTJE)'".


I noticed that none of the other annotations that have comments could be edited either. These annotation were all created in Zotero and were not imported. After closing the tab and reopening the PDF, I was able to add/edit the annotation comments.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture any debug logs but I thought I'd mention this anyway.

This is using 7.0.0-beta.48+0cab24fb8 (64-bit) on Linux.
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