CSL - setting 1.5 line spacing in bibliography?

Hi guys, I'm currently using APA 6th and trying to edit the CSL file to produce 1.5 line spacing for my reference list (double spacing is the APA standard, but 1.5 line spacing is used through the rest of my thesis).

When I change:
<option name="line-spacing" value="2"/>
To a "1.5" value I just get single spacing.

Is there any good way round this?
  • Yes, I also discovered that when I was creating a style for a journal but over looked it and went ahead. Now that it has been brought for discussion, let's see what comes out.
    Thanks for being in the same tune with me.
  • no way around that with the current CSL - it just reads integers for that command.
    But since all of your thesis is in 1.5 what _should_ work is taking out all line-spacing commands and just let the word/Ooo default style determine line-spacing in the bibliography.
  • Perfect alternative!!!! I did that but I thought from this discussion CSL could have a way to just finish up.
    In similar manner, the <option name="hanging-indent" value="true"/> gives handing indent equivalent to 1.27cm in word style which was so much for my case. I had to use word to change to desired.
  • Currently, the CSL 1.0 schema release candidate, like CSL 0.8, only recognizes integers for line spacing, and the hanging-indent option only accepts values of "true" or "false". Probably it doesn't make sense for CSL to be specifying more precision than this. If class tags are applied to bibliography elements and to the bibliography as a whole, the details can be most easily handled as people are doing now, by explicit settings in the word processor (or whatever). We should probably try to make the need for such adjustments clear in documentation, though.
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