Is it correct that right now there are no alternatives to the defunct Zotfile?

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If so, could anyone please link me to the main or most relevant discussion about this?

Thank you in advance!
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    Zotfile is still fully functional under the current release of Zotero, that is v6.

    However Zotfile is not being updated to work under the different requirements of Zotero v7 (currently in beta). The several plugins that are attempting to implement some but not all of Zotfile's functionality under Zotero v7 are discussed here:
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    Thank you! And also for your tips about returning the files to Zotero. I have never used that feature before :-) In Zotfile I could send them all back to Zotero in a batch. The pdf files has abstract names, so I was wondering if there is a way of filtering them from the Zotero side? I tried finding something in Advanced Search, but I can only search for pdf files in general.
  • The Zotero feature (Tools\Manage Attachments\Convert Linked Files to Stored Files) has always been the way to move linked PDF attachments back to Zotero storage. Zotfile never had a way to do that as far as I know (as it was not needed). So chances are that if you have done that before you have used the Zotero feature. You select one or a group of items in the main pane whose PDF you want to move back, and then select the menu option. If any of the selected items don't have linked PDFs then they will be skipped (if I recall correctly).
  • (ZotFile used to have that feature, actually, it just broke and Zotero then added it because they obviously want this to be possible).

    I'm not sure what move feature is being discussed here -- is this move files or send files to tablet? Because the Zotero feature only works for the former and from the description it sounds like knutatle is talking about the latter?
  • Good to clarify. @knutatle did say in the other thread that they had used zotero-file to move PDFs to Dropbox and now wanted to move them back (also, zotero-file has not implemented Zotfile's send to tablet feature). So I assumed that is what they were talking about. But I guess they might have Zotfile-moved tablet files too ?
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