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Hi there,
I hope some of you might be able to help me:
I am writing an article for a journal and they ask for a specific citation style.
APA 6th generation, with some minor changes that I managed to realise and

- inline citation that looks as the following
(Author year: pagenumber)

Only in the visual there is no option to actually add the ":" and a pagenumber when needed.
FIY: I am currently working wiht the visual csl editor since I don't know much about coding.

Thank you so much in advance!
  • Can you let us know which journal it is, ideally with a link to their guidelines?
    It might just be easier for us to create a custom style that we can then also offer all our user base.

    Genereally, find this part:
    <group delimiter=", ">
    <text macro="author-short"/>
    <text macro="issued-citation"/>
    <text macro="citation-locator"/>

    and replace it with:
    <group delimiter=": ">
    <group delimiter=", ">
    <text macro="author-short"/>
    <text macro="issued-citation"/>
    <text macro="citation-locator"/>
  • Thank you very much for your fast reply! The journal is a German one and it is called GENDER.
    So I will sum the requirements up for you, which might be easier.

    inline citation:
    - inline citation happens in the text in form (author: pagenumer).
    - up to three authors it is: (author/author: pagenumber)
    - more than three authors: (author et al.: pagenumber)
    - in case the author's name is written out in the text you only name the year: e.g.: Foucault (1989) identifies....
    - Multiple publications by the same author that were published in the same year have to be marked with letters: (Foucault 1989a: pagenumber)..... (Foucault 1989b: pagenumber).
    - multiple references are to be put into the same brackets and have to be divided by semicolons: (Foucault 1989: pagenumber; Zimbardo et al.: 2003; Gildemeister/Hericks 2011: pagenumber).

    - the bibliography is to ressemble the 6th edition of APA BUT
    - the names have to be written out instead of initialising the names
    - every bibliographic reference has to be ended with a fullstop.
    - when adding pagenumbers (as one does for articles for example) a long "-" is to be used (apparently this is also called en dash (?)) without any spaces.

    So a bibliographic reference could look like this:

    Guenther, Katja M. (2009). The Impact of Emotional Opportunities on the Emotion Cultures of Feminist
    Organizations. Gender & Society, 23(3), 337–362.

  • Styleguide here:

    So APA 6th with full names in the bibliography (we already to periods and en dashes), completely different format in text. I think it's quicker if we just do this
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    Can you rename this thread to: Style Request: GENDER ?

    Try this style and let me know if you spot any issues:
  • I changed the threads name :)
    Thank you very much! How do I proceed with the link you just sent me?
  • Open Zotero, click on it and Zotero should pick it up.
    If not, right click on it, save as..., download the file and you can install it via double-click or in Zotero in the menu.
  • Hi I hope your are doing well. I want to know if somebody has already use this style? And if not how can I create my own style.

    Initial of last name + . + year + page (s) :
    Eg : ISIDORE YANOGO 2009 P96 will write I. Yanogo (2009. p.96)

    Eg : En effet, le but poursuivi par M. Ascher (1998, p. 223), est « d’élargir l’histoire des mathématiques de telle sorte qu’elle acquière une perspective multiculturelle et globale (...), d’accroitre le domaine des mathématiques : alors qu’elle s’est pour l’essentiel occupé du groupe professionnel occidental que l’on appelle les mathématiciens (...) ».
    Pour dire plus amplement ce qu’est cette capacité de la société civile, qui dans son déploiement effectif, atteste qu’elle peut porter le développement et l’histoire, S. B. Diagne (1991, p. 2).

    At the end of document, bibliography must be :

    AMIN Samir, 1996, Les défis de la mondialisation, Paris, L’Harmattan.
    AUDARD Cathérine, 2009, Qu’est ce que le libéralisme ? Ethique, politique, société, Paris, Gallimard. BERGER Gaston, 1967, L’homme moderne et son éducation, Paris, PUF.
    DIAGNE Souleymane Bachir, 2003, « Islam et philosophie. Leçons d’une rencontre », Diogène, 202, p. 145-151.
    DIAKITE Sidiki, 1985, Violence technologique et développement. La question africaine du développement, Paris, L’Harmattan.
  • Hi there, thank you once again! Until now it looks all good, except for the fact, that in inline citation with more that 3 authors it says (Beck u. a.) instead of Beck et al.
    How do I change this?

    Kind regards
  • You'll want to set the language for the style to English (US) in the Document preferences -- the journal publishes in English only? Or are German manuscripts accepted and if so, is the citation style different?
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    actually, it is a German journal, so most of the admissions will be in German, and so will mine.
    The style is the same though, I believe:

    you mean, I should change my word document preferences to English?
  • you mean, I should change my word document preferences to English?
    Not the Word Preferences. The Zotero plugin in Word has its own Document Preferences Window (the button for it is to the right of the "Add Note" button) in the Word ribbon/tab for Zotero, where you can set the Language for the citations/bibliography for that specific document. I think that is what was meant.

    But to get (Beck u. a.), you had to choose that as Deutsch in the first place, so I am confused.
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