[Feature Request] Collection generation through set operations like Endnote?

Dear developers and friends, I recently find it of great use to generate a new collection in hast through set opertions AND NOT OR (honestly speaking, in Endnote), given that I have been filtering and grouping my literature items in iteration in order to select the most relevant ones to put in my literature review. With that feature, I can easily sort out like, ones that have been classified as "1st rank" " 2nd rank" "yesterday morning" "tonight", and make combinations assuring no overlap or loss. However, I am still not that familiar with operations like that in zotero, at least not as proficient at other techniques here alike. In addition, I feel it tedious to resort to the select-all & label-selection & copy-paste filtering process. Hence, I am asking for advice here about how friends here accomplish similar goals in an elegant way, otherwise, posting a humble feature request. Many thanks!
  • You can used Advanced Search and Saved Search features to combine multiple criteria with AND or OR. If you need very complex queries with both AND and OR, you can make one saved search and then refer to that one is a second search.
  • Many thanks! I have not been familiar with the advanced search feature before, but now I think I need to put some effort in mastering it. Start to try!
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