Z7 macOS beta: cannot close the main window anymore using the keyboard

edited October 28, 2023

I’ve just noticed that the File→Close option is now greyed out when the library is selected. This prevents me from closing the window with the keyboard. It’s always possible to close it with the red button (top left of the window) but obviously using CMD-W is much quicker.

How can I restore the keyboard shortcut?
  • The change is that you can't close the main window with Cmd-W if there are other tabs open, to avoid accidental closure of active work. Cmd-W still works if the library tab is the last tab, and you can of course quit the app with Cmd-Q.
  • I thought open tabs were persistent after issuing a CMD-W, same as clicking on the red button to close the window?
  • They're restored now, but they won't be once Zotero officially supports multiple windows, since it wouldn't make sense in that context. It's also still disruptive and often likely not intentional, particularly given the jumpback behavior where selection returns to the library tab if you open a tab from the library tab and then close it.
  • Oh right I get it. Makes sense now.
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