[Zotero 7 Beta] timeline band settings dropdown menus not working

As in the title, clicking on the dropdown menus is doing nothing, the dropdown doesn't open.
I'm on latest beta (47).
I do not have a debug ID, because the log doesn't even get the click on the menus. If I activate the log savings, it doesn't save anything while I click on the menus.
  • @dstillman have you seen this?

    not that I want to hurry or anything, just making sure the bug doesn't go unnoticed :)
  • I'm afraid we're actually going to remove the timeline feature in Zotero 7. The open-source project it's based on has been defunct for over a decade, and there's no reason for this to be built in. If someone wants to maintain a timeline feature, they should build it as a plugin on top of an actively maintained timeline library.
  • Sorry for the message then, I missed the issue on github. That's good to know that you're going to drop the feature, I have a huge course upcoming, so I'm gonna remove it from the course's topics.
    Too bad I liked it, let's hope someone does a plugin.
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