Where did all my attachments go? (Update, it's the plus sign that's gone)

All my attachments disappeared from my laptop. They're all there in the desktop. Sync was completed in the laptop so it is not an incomplete/ongoing sync issue. I have a paid account so I have more than enough storage. It's not a single file getting lost. *All* the attachments disappeared. I'm stumped.
  • It's the + sign that disappeared, it seems, not the attachments! Weird. How can I get my plus sign back?
  • you mean the + sign on the right? If you click on the litte table like symbol on the top right of the middle panel, you can select which columns to show. the plus sign - for number of attachments - is one of the columns you can check.
  • No, the one on the left hand side which you can click on to expand the entry. That is not configurable, as far as I know. It just disappeared and later reappeared after after I rebooted twice.

    Very weird. I could access the notes via the notes tab but since the attachments tab went away, I had no way of accessing attachments.
  • What platform are you on? Are you running any other Firefox extensions?
  • Again, it seems to be fixed now. I was on Windows XP and I run adblock and readitlater as extensions.
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