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Hi, I am new to this app and dearly wish I had found out about it much sooner.

While the list of Item Types is reasonably comprehensive I cannot find a relevant option under which to add a Parliamentary paper. I think the Conference paper may work but it is not relevant in this instance. These will be downloaded from the Parliament of Victoria database (VPARL) and do not form part of Hansard.

I have searched through the forum discussions and cannot find something of a similar topic. Have I missed an item, or is there additional types that can be downloaded/added (just like with additional styles) OR is it possible to request the addition of such an item type to be added? I note this latter may be difficult based on one of the discussions I have read through.

Would appreciate any suggestions, pointers etc.


    The Bill or Hearing item types are hopefully what you need.
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    Bill or Hearing would be the appropriate items for parliamentary and legislative documents
  • Hi folks, and thanks for the recommendations. I will recheck and look into these more closely. My dilemma is that these parliamentary papers, while published under Parliamentary order, were not legislative in nature. Some are reports (which fit with the reports type) but other were collections of correspondence relevant to a particular event.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi, was looking how to add parliamentary papers and apperently there is no specific reference type for these documents. Agree with Pat, not all is a Bill or a report. I saw in other discussions that the list with types of references cannot be too fined grained and hence cannot accomodate all. Z. would become impossible to work with then. But Parliamenary Proceedings exist in all democratic countries. Such an entry cannot be missed and would still be sufficiently generic. Hence that would be my suggestion to the Zotero team.
    Thanks, Evert-Ben
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