URLs of journal articles not being output

I have the following lines at the end of my style:

It correctly adds URLs for books and standards, but not for journal articles, unless I add "URL: " in the "Extra" field. Is this a bug? Is there a different variable name for the URL when working with a journal article?
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    To show code: <code>asdf</code>

    Make sure though that within Zotero, Cite, you have ticked the box for "Include URLs for journal articles"
  • Not sure why the code disappeared. I added it in the original post. Let me try again:

  • Third time lucky...

    <if type="book standard article-journal">
    <text variable="URL" prefix=". "/>
  • Make sure though that in Zotero settings, in the Cite pane, you have ticked the box for "Include URLs for journal articles"
  • It says in fine print under that "when this option is disables, Zotero includes URLs when citing journal, magazine, and newspaper articles only if the article does not have a page range specified". What can I do if I have a page range AND I want it to add the URL to the end?
  • You check the option?
  • OMG I'm so tired. Yup.

    It still doesn't add it to my style (US Geological Survey).
  • Yeah, the way that style is coded, it'd only add URLs to webpages: you'd have to edit the style (or use a different one) to get a URL in any other case
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