Default Highlight Color


Is there any way we can set one of the eight colors to be our default highluight color?

Here's my thinking, it's just to save clicks and mental output.

For me, I get kind of exhausted reading the files I have to read.

After trying to suss out what the heck my good academic friends are thinking, it's easier for me to just be able to highlight it or underline it, and know it'll always have the same color without having to decide every time (UNLESS I need another color).

For example, if I had an 8-in-one clickable pen like we had when we were kids: the pen didn't reset itself each time you put it down.

Similarly, my car radio. There's LOTS of stations, but I like Classical. Every time I get in my car and start the engine, the radio doesn't reset itself to a null value.

WCRB (99.5 FM) !

It takes a bit of a mental step for my poor old brain sort of, too. For a few reasons - those wee color boxes are TOO SMALL.

Second, it's a QUESTION. Psychologically, questions are hard not to HEAR in your head. So, intead of hearing:

"They were likely to be more marginal agriculturally, with lower and more variable yields; the revenues that could be appropriated from them were partly nullified by transportation costs; and the knowledge of these resources and control over the administrative apparatus that might appropriate them diminished radically with distance from the center."

Which is sort of what I needed to focus on, I have to push that aside, JUST FOR A SECOND, to hear in my head - "What color do you want to use?"

But, for me, I've already answered that question about A HUNDRED TIMES.

In fact...every times, it seems?

So, if there's a setting where I can define what the default color will always be for highlights and underlines, and, even better, a way to skip past the menu of colors, either via mouse or keystroke, that'd be easier for me - highlighting away here in relative anonymity, a miner for a heart, or a quote, of gold. :P :D


  • Please stop with these rambling posts. No one has time to read these. Just ask your question, as clearly and concisely as possible, and we'll do our best to answer. Further posts like this will be deleted.

    You don't have to use the mode where you select text and then choose a color. You can just lock the highlight or underline tool on in the toolbar and select a color from the color selector there, and then every time you select some text, it will be highlighted or underlined with that color.
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