Group library / personal library management question

I created a group library for a project and copied a bunch of items into it from my personal library. Other members added many items and the project finished. Now I want to shut down the group and move the group library items back into my library. The problem is that I think if I drag all group items back into my personal library that all of the items I put into the group library at the beginning will be duplicated in my personal library. Will this happen? If so, is there any way to prevent it other than manually reviewing all duplicates? Finally, is there a best practice for doing this in the future? I don't want to just delete all items from my personal library that I drag into the group library, since I want them accessible for search, and search is limited to one or the other library. Any suggestions appreciated.
  • No, items you dragged to the library will be skipped.

    Unfortunately that also means any updates to those items (including child items and annotations) from the group library won't be applied, so for that you'd have to delete the items in your personal library first. We plan to improve cross-library copying in a future version.
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