3 Tags, Six Terms One Paragraph: Bulk Tagging


Here's a paragraph from a work that I need to read.

It's about the English Civil War.

In this paragraph, there are multiple key terms that I'd like to tag.

Each one of them would be a keyword, and in addition to them being keywords they have two additional tags that I'd like to add.

The thing is, doing this over six terms in a single paragraph takes a lot of time.

Not only that, it's kind of mind numbing.

Of course, were these the Old Days, one would be needing to write out note cards.

And, nothing more my numbing than that! :P :D

So! I know we should count our blessings.

But, I wanted to know if it would be possible for the zotero team to consider this possibility: bulk select annotations and add the same tags to all of them in one fell swoop.

So that, if I'm reading a chapter about the precursors to the English Civil War, where many of the same tags will be applied again and again to the same key terms, It would be possible for me to do that all at once.

Please forgive me if this is already possible, and let me know how it's done.

If not, please tell me how this all sounds?

Here's that paragraph.

I've capitalized the words that I would probably be tagging similarly:

"If there was simmering discontent in the 1630s, it was not so much with Ship Money as with ARCHBISHOP LAUD, eagerly bringing CEREMONIAL back to the Church of England in the form of ALTAR-RAILS and REVERENCE FOR THE EUCHARIST, and as eagerly denouncing and suppressing ‘PURITANS’, or THE GODLY, as they called themselves. Worst of all, Laud was dismantling the central doctrine of CALVINISM, PREDESTINATION."

Finally, and this is something I saw when I was testing out Sumnotes: encourage copying of the highlight into the tagging box by default.

For example, if I've highlighted the term

Ship Money

and I'm tagging it as a keyword, then I'm surely going to need the term ITSELF listed in there.

By adding every highlight into the tags box automatically, we can save folks a bit of work.

Easy enough to just hit backspace to delete it out if it opens selected, as search seems to do with al previous searches

How does all that sound?


  • You can select multiple annotations in the sidebar and drag them to a tag, the same way that you can assign a tag to multiple items in the library view.
  • OH! BOOM! :))))))))))))))))))))

    Doggone it! WHAT have y'all NOT thought of?!

    Thanks SO MUCH!!!


  • edited October 25, 2023
    Encourage copying of the highlight INTO the tagging box by default.

    Sumnotes does it.
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