Text Box - Positioning and Color of Text


I'm trying to precisely position a text box. I can see that there is a little vertical wand from the center of the top line of any text box.

If you put your mouse there then a four-way arrow symbol appears.

In many applications this would mean you'd be able to move the element into any new position. But, it seems that in zotero, the text boxes *cannot* be repositioned?

I mean, when that four-way arrow appears it seems the only thing you can do is spin the text box?

Put another way, it seems that once you click to START a text box, the position that you've chosen is the position it will always be, unless you resize the text box.

Is that right?

Or, is there some way, once a text box has been created, to somehow move it into a different position?

Finally, for text boxes, is it at all possible to use the color black for the text?


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