Zotero won't connect to my Word document

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  • Hi, i have no problem downloading the app zotero, however it would not connect both manually and automatically,i've tried both ways, when i do it manually my word document of zotero does not show up, so i went to the website to click the link for it if it didnt show, and still didn't work, i really want to use this app as i've heard great things about it, but can't seem to get it to connect to my word document, is there any thing else i could try to connect zotero to word?
  • (Please start new threads for new issues — the thread you posted to is from 2014 and unrelated. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "can't seem to get it to connect to my word document". If you're saying you don't see the Zotero toolbar in the Word ribbon, see Zotero Toolbar Doesn't Appear, and if you're still having trouble let us know exactly what you tried, in your own words, and what happened at each step.

    If it's something else, you'll need to say more. See Reporting Problems for the info we need to help.
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