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I've just downloaded iPad zotero version, but it kept crashing all the time. Whenever I started the app, it would crash in a few seconds without any sign.
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    iPhone OS 15.3.1
    Start by updating to a current version of iOS. You're running a version from February 2022. Problems like this aside, running outdated versions of iOS is dangerous.
  • Problem solved. Many thanks;)
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    Just to note for others, we've released a new version, 1.0.21, that fixes this crash on older iOS versions. You should still update to a current version of iOS for security updates.

    Update: 1.0.21 doesn't seem to fix this crash with old iOS versions. If you're able to update to iOS 17, that should fix this. Otherwise, we're looking into why this is still happening and should have a fix in 1.0.22 soon.
  • I have the same situation as him, my ipad version prompts Crash Log Sent, my ID number is 209722535
  • 16.2
    @scarlett778: We’ll look into why that’s happening for you
    with 1.0.21, but you should upgrade iOS, as I say above.
  • I have the same problem as him, my ipad version prompts Crash Log Sent, my ID number is 1547342566. I've updated the software and IOS and still haven't solved the problem.
  • 15.7.9
    @xinglixin: This would be fixed by upgrading to iOS 17, but since you're on a very old device you can't upgrade past iOS 15. We're looking into why crashes are still happening for old iOS versions with 1.0.21, and we should have an update soon.
  • I look forward your updates. Thanks very much!
  • Version 1.0.22, available now, should fix these crashes in older iOS versions.
  • Problem solved. Thanks a lot!
  • I'm having the same problem that iOS version of zotero always crash when I open it.
  • @fxt: See above. This is fixed.
  • thanks,I'll try it.@dstillman
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    Same problem
  • @lilybaba: See above — you need to update the app and/or iOS.
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    Here is mine. Thx.
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    @elsinore00: Once again, this is already fixed. Upgrade the app and/or iOS.
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    Hello everyone,
    Zotero keeps crashing for no apparent reason very soon after starting the app on the iPad. I'm aware that this should be fixed in the newest app version and with iOS 17, but it keepings happening regardless - I'm running the newest iOS and just downloaded Zotero from the App Store, so this should be the latest version.

    Here's the Report ID: 90292592
  • @itomala: OK, yours is the first report from 1.0.22 and iOS 17. It looks like there's still an issue, though maybe only in specific circumstances. We're investigating.
  • 我iPad崩溃了呜呜呜
  • OK, this should be fixed completely in version 1.0.23 of the app, available now.
  • Yes, this looks good. Thank you for fixing it so quickly!
  • iPad打开几秒就退出崩溃,我的ID1379072995
  • @lijiaqi123: You need to update to the latest version of the app. You're still on 1.0.20.
  • This is fixed in version 1.0.23 of the app. If you're still seeing a crash in 1.0.23 or later, it's an unrelated issue and you should report it in a new thread.
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